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JusCall - Global Phone Calls

☆Completely FREE CALL
☆Free global phone call
☆No hidden fees, No contract

JusCall is a FREE, SECURE, and STABLE international calling app that offers completely FREE local and international calls with superior crystal-clear audio. Download this VoIP calling app and just enjoy free calls worldwide to any mobile & landline via WiFi or 3G/4G/5G cellular data.


FREE international calls
JusCall supports completely free calls to any mobile/fixed phone number to more than 230 countries and regions.

JusCall makes it available to make phone calls from any device with a network (tablet, computer, etc.), which helps you make calls when traveling abroad. JusCall allows you to make free international calls to anyone in the world, even if your friends do not have an Internet connection.

High sound quality

Voice calls are transmitted on JusCall's high-quality dedicated VoIP network. With high-definition voice technology, JusCall provides phone call services with higher clarity. Free calls are no longer of low quality! With JusCall, you can make calls even in the case of poor cellular phone reception.

No hidden cost

Unbeatable pay-as-you-go rates. JusCall does not need you to pay any connection fees. No contract, no hidden fees, no monthly commitment.100% Free global phone calls.

Hide Caller ID, Real VoIP Call
No need for a Caller ID, JusCall makes your online conversations anonymous.

Download only once

Even if your contact does not have JusCall installed, you can directly dial the phone number for free.

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*JusCall utilizes Internet call (WiFi call, IP call, or VoIP call), which requires a data connection.
*Unlike international calling cards, JusCall does not use your cell minutes.
*Data charges may apply. Check with your carrier for details.

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